Georgia Girls AAU Basketball 2014 Season

Thanks to all the players and parents that have helped to grow AAU in Georgia. In 2012 we 10th in the nation in growth and in 2013, we grew another 4 percent. Our tournaments are better and the number of tournaments are increasing at a rate we have not experienced before. More teams participated in our state tournament than in the last 6 years. Many teams went to nationals again this year and Georgia was once again in the lime light as teams gave the competition all they could handleSqueezing through but not giving up

In 2014, we will once again offer both north and south state tournaments. Last year was the start of this program and we will continue this year in 2014. Al ready, we are seeing tournaments being posted for next. year. We will have tournaments as well SRTS every weekend in 2014. These tournaments can be found on this web site as well as on the national website  Also you must play in your district tournament to go to Nationals.

Please keep in mind that all adult coaches and bench personal will have to under go a back ground check before they receive their membership. This can take several days, so plan ahead. 2014 will be a banner year for Georgia AAU girls basketball. Come be a part of the excitement and success and watch your daughter grow not only as a basketball player but as an individual. Any questions, please fell free to contact me by email.

Once again, thanks for all you do.

Wayne Wheeler
District Sports Chair
Girls Basketball Georgia